Will my 3-D rendered bottle shots look as good as traditional photos?

Better, even!

The beauty of using computer-generated imagery is that we have much more control over the quality and consistency of the output. We can get perfect lighting again and again. For example, shiny gold or silver finishes can be hard to capture with traditional photography, but our technology allows us to get them right every time. We’ll also ensure all the text on your bottle is crisp, ensuring maximum legibility and brand recognition.

What’s more, you’ll get to review the results before committing to a final version — another aspect that sets Outshinery apart from traditional photography. With us, you get to make sure you’re happy with everything before receiving your high-resolution final assets.

In contrast, traditional photographers rarely offer proofs. Normally, they’ll bring your physical product to their photo studio, photograph it, then send you the results. If you’re happy with them, great. But if you’re not? Well, too bad.

It’s our policy to give you complete control over every aspect of your product’s appearance. And we won’t quit until we’ve got it right.


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