What if my bottle has a unique shape?

One-of-a-kind bottle shapes are our middle name!

To date we have about 120 different container shapes on file, so chances are, we already have what you need.

If your wine or beer is in a container we don’t already have in our database, we’ll create it just for you at no extra cost. Just send us the technical drawing (available for download on the supplier’s website) or take a quick picture with your phone and tell us the container’s height.

If you have custom embossing or details on a standard container shape, we’ll create your imagery at no extra cost. Simply send us the design file.

If your product packaging has a one-of-a-kind shape, as is often the case with spirit bottles, we’ll be happy to create imagery for you, and we won't charge you extra for the distinct shape creation. Drop us a line at info@outshinery.com.

This question comes up so much, in fact, that we cover this topic in this quick video.


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